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Decathlon golf series is a team event played on the practice area and not on the golf course.  Teams of three will go head to head against other teams.  Decathlon has always been a very forward thinking company with a love to create and innovate and we are looking to bring these qualities into this new event.  The event will be challenging in the challenges that it sets the teams but will offer a fun atmosphere with alternative events and challenges.


The challenges that we have install for our teams are aimed at testing the basics of the short game of golf.


Putting from short range and distance control will be amongst the challenges. Chipping and Pitching from various distances will also be amongst the challenges. 

The challenges will be challenging but will be fair giving every golfer a chance to score. 


The scoring will be fairly simple for each ball that is played points will be awarded and the team with the most points at the end of all the challenges will be our series winner.  We have created a algorithm in order to make the playing field as equal as possible, which will see more points awarded to the higher handicapper than to the 

On the day:

On the day of the event we will have a number of different events that will not go to your teams end score but were you will be able to win you and your teams prizes.  


If you have any non golfers bring them along to with your Team compete or they can join our free hour long beginners lessons starting every hour from 10:00-17:00.  

Food and drink stalls will be available throughout the day.  


Combined Handicap 0 -40






Combined Handicap 41 -105 





  • Maximum handicap 36.

  • Handicaps will be signed for on the score card, wrong handicap disqualification

  • Number of balls played per player 5

  • Entry cost will be XX per person or for the entire series XX

  • Balls will be placed not dropped in a predetermined area.

  • On the line will score points.

  • No retakes, Mulligans, Practice shots.


  1. Go to Golftimer log in.

  2. Go to the date of the event.

  3. One person per team should book a place in the event.

  4. In the additional information section all three team members and handicaps should be added

  5. Complete Booking

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